3D Modeled Juice

Final Fix.png

This project is about modeling a made up all natural juice ad. So what I did was I modeled a 3D can and fruit for this ad and I did not come across any main problems while in this stage. Once I finished the render I came across many issues within the post process stage. Immediately when coming into photoshop I quickly realized that I had no direction for this ad. After I realized that I made the can’s label red and green, which is similar to Christmas colors and I ran with it.


After reviewing the finished ad I have come to realize that yes the Christmas theme was a good idea based on the can’s label and the time of year. Unfortunately though everything else seemed to have little to no thought put into the ad. Also the lettering seems very jarring to the point that is painful to look at. Possibly if I went for a different color of font it would be less jarring.


Museum Kiosk


This project was created by me and my team and our goal was to make a game with a designated bug. Our bug was fireflies, and what we made was a matching game. The win condition of the game is to match up 4 fireflies in a row.

Personal Job:

My job was to create the animations for the fireflies, all 20 animations of 4 different fireflies. After I finished up the animations, my next job was to create the special controller for the game. Which is 4 buttons on a jar which correspond with the types of fireflies on screen.