Self Portrait Whit

Self Portrait Black

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Object Project

When making this project I wanted to make a common household item, but from the ancient Norse era of the Vikings. What I tried to accomplish in the legs was a spiral made of clay to symbolize Norse Celtic knots, intertwining with each other.  While the back rest was whittled down to make an earthy wood texture, to hold that Vikings were well known as being brute fighters.


My goal was to make the chair with different materials to give a different texture, since the wood was a brown color and the clay chair was a white color it had a sight contrast to each other this contrast gives the raw brute look like the Vikings.


-Robert Mc Coy


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Creation Story Comic

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3D Modeled Character



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This composition was created to attempt to figure out how the human skeleton fits inside a body from a different perspective. How I made the skeleton is that I took a model skeleton and manipulated it to match a similar pose that I was reproducing. Also this composition was not only about how a skeleton looks and behaves within a body, but I tried to attempt to use linear perspective to help pop out the skeleton and body. This applies to DGMA on how the skeleton can dictate how the human body moves, with restrictions depending on how it is moved. This can be used in video games for example, similar to x-ray moves in Mortal Kombat, it can display how bones the bones break.

Forero, Christian. “Arte Prehist√≥rico.” Pinterest. N.p., 27 Feb. 2016. Web. 05 Apr. 2017.

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Reflection Sketch

This is a small sketch of my own reflection in a window, what was needed to show that it was a windowed reflection was shading and line weights. To show what is on the outside of the window has heavier line weights, while everything in the reflection has lighter line weights. Also in the background there was portraits of famous artworks in the hallway, but I wanted to replace them with what I was thinking about.

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3D Model Cafe


Here is a basic Three dimensional cafe that we were supposed to model and this is a test for understanding Arnold a bit more.

Also to anyone who knows the new Arnold rendering system, how do I get rid of the watermark in the center of the image. Continue reading

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