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Objectified Response

 Objectified is about how everyday objects are not just created, but designed in that specific way. It shows how designers look at everyday objects and how about they could improve that everyday object. As shown when they were talking to the … Continue reading

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Fantasy Landscape

This composition was created using photoshop, the main point of this piece is to demonstrate the meaning of galvanize. Which is a synonym for inspire, so what I created was a commander inspiring his troops for battle.

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Art VS. Photography

Today during class, we had to watch a video about how art and photography are similar, but is photography considered an art? Originally in the video people thought a photography was not an art but threatened almost all forms of … Continue reading

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Abstraction Animation Idea

What I will base my project off of is an abstraction of multiple shapes and colors depicting the song “M O O N” by Hydrogen. The rapid changing lines will depict the rhythm/beat of the song. While the swirls will … Continue reading

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Linear Day

  – How do the lines I used enhance or embellish the story of my day? The lines Help the flow of the movement for the picture of my day – Is there a consistent look to my image? Yes, … Continue reading

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Fantisy Landscape

I took a picture of all my friends and then I put down pictures of what they were thinking at that time. So this composition was meant to show that everyone has their own interpertation of a fantasy world. This … Continue reading

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Carrot and the Rye Finished

Robert Mc Coy The animator that I chose to base my flipbook off of was the creator of Felix the cat, Otto Messmer. As I began to study the videos of Felix, Felix Saves the Day, Japanicky, The Smoke Screen, … Continue reading

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