Linear Day


– How do the lines I used enhance or embellish the story of my day?

The lines Help the flow of the movement for the picture of my day

– Is there a consistent look to my image?

Yes, because I used the same medium throughout the whole image.

– How does that consistent look or absence of a consistent look help or hinder the final work?

The consistant look hinders the final look because it makes the image look bland.

– What means did I use to show that my day is composed of continuous events/movement?

I used the flow of the water color to help show what happened throughout the day.

– How creative was my final work?

I don’t know it is up to the critics.

– IS there any mistake or poor craftsmanship in the final work that is distracting? – – How does it distract from your work?

There is not enough water-color to show a good consistent flow throughout the day.

– Will you submit the work with the distractor? Why?

No, because I am a supreme procrastinator. So therefore I have no time and I don’t have enough paper to create another.

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