Art VS. Photography

Today during class, we had to watch a video about how art and photography are similar, but is photography considered an art? Originally in the video people thought a photography was not an art but threatened almost all forms of art. When Stieglitz went around the world my people called him a crazy American, by the fact that he was taking photographs, not only did he know that photography is not an art but he wanted it to become one. Even though that art was an incredible way of depicting what others saw of the world, photography was what really showed the world for what it is, and Stieglitz knew this. So Stieglitz knew that it would one day be able to become art.  When Stieglitz was taking the photo of the crowed of people at 21:44, in the documentary he did not only display the intricacy and harmony in his piece, he had the want and desire to rush and find a perfect view and hoping no one moves from their spot.

Lewis Hine was similar to Stieglitz, but the fact that he went to many place to show the truth and horrors of well-known establishments. As shown in the documentary at 12:35, the picture depicts the horror and ungodly truth about the coalmines, but the picture depicts an interesting view on art and photographs. The image is able to depicts forms of emotion and hue, like an artistic piece would and not only that it is able to demonstrate dynamic lighting.

John Marin was also included with the rebellious artist similar to Lewis Hine and Stieglitz. With John’s abstract work it shows how rebellious he was in the art world by his abstract art. Even though he was a rebellious artist his work show peculiar elements and principles of design as seen on his depiction of the Brooklyn Bridge. It shows interesting textures and shapes that are able to show that it is the Brooklyn Bridge, but at the same time you have no idea what bridge it may be.

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