Objectified Response

 Objectified is about how everyday objects are not just created, but designed in that specific way. It shows how designers look at everyday objects and how about they could improve that everyday object. As shown when they were talking to the Apple Designer Jonathan Ive, he talks about how many designs they went through to get where they are today with the new MacBook Air and Desktops.

What I find interesting about this documentary is that it make you question on why and how everyday objects are made. I would never know exactly why an object was made like it was today. As depicted with the company that makes handles, is that yes they look at people with issues with their products, but they do not care about a specific person; they care about a generalized group. They would look at the majority group with issues, then when the object is made they will find a middle ground.


Link to Objectified: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXSS6IyDQpU

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