Dada Photomontage Final


This composition is about our final piece of this group of projects, and we had a choice of movement. So I chose another Dada Photomontage, but time I went for a more ironic approach. This composition is about how medicinal marijuana should be used throughout the country. So what I did to give the composition the ironic aspect is that I took the uniform of doctor with the head of marijuana. It is meant to show that it is medicinal; also within the hemp plant is what the medicinal drug is capable of curing.


Story Board Concept

untitled-1 untitled-2

Mario Prisco Gallery Visit

Robert Mc Coy

Professor Connie


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mario Prisco Gallery

Art galleries are meant to show off artworks of many people, famous or common, throughout the world.  One of these artist is known as Mario Prisco, his works is based off of many styles of art. He does this to show students that they need to try different art styles to find out what makes their art works theirs.

The history of Mario Prisco is a basic, yet interesting story of how his art work was shown in a gallery. He was known as an art educator and former dean of Alfred State, and his artwork was meant to educate kids. The work that is displayed spans from 1947 to 2014, and they were made when he was a kid to his later, more complex works. He hopes to influence students about learning different styles and forms of art.

One of many Mario Prisco’s artworks is about different kinds of abstract pieces, Imagined Landscape 1, 2015. Even though this composition is an imaginary landscape, there are many abstract objects inside the piece. Also this composition displays many types of space, color, and shapes to give the students a sense of what they learned in school. Not only does he show students the elements of design, he also shows the principles of design within the artwork. Mario uses repetition, balance, rhythm, and high contrast, to give the artwork a sense of space. While the color of the objects give the piece a sense of rhythm and contrast throughout the composition.

His next piece is known as Untitled 17, 2014. This composition is meant to show students how proportions of the human anatomy. Also it is establishing how space and color can create volume and balance within the painting. From this piece, what seems difficult for students to understand is that color can be used to show volume through shading. Also with the foreground of this piece can give someone as sense of volume because of how it is shaped and colored, giving the person a sense of direction the person is laying.

Mario Prisco may not be well known outside of Alfred and Hornell, but his teachings to students will be well known through many students and teachers. His paintings will aid students understand what art truly is, through his paintings and his artworks.

Dada Photomontage



This composition is dealing with Data Photomontage; which is used to express political discontent. So I based my composition about how corrupt the government is and how money controls all forms of government. I made hands controlling them by strings to symbolize how the money and power control them. Also Dada is sort of comedic in a way, so I was going for a comedic look for this project.

Cubism Political Poster


This composition is based off the controversy of GamerGate and censorship of video games. What this poster is meant to symbolize on how people think censorship is needed in video games. The green and pink colors in the middleground are the colors of GamerGate, but with the red background it is meant to establish a warning or danger. While the hand with the controller is meant to symbolize that ” we don’t care for censorship, and we just want to play our games.”

Abstract Animation

Robert Mc Coy

Throughout this whole composition many challenges occurred, specifically, when trying to align the frames with the song, Hydrogen by M O O N. What I attempted at first was listen to the song and try to find what images I can make with the music. Later though into the work, I found that that method was not working as I hoped it would. So later I tried a new form of measuring the time and frames. I would listen to one second of the song and pay attention to the beats it made within that second. After listing to that short second, I evened out the frames to fit well with the beats and song used for that one second. This method sort of worked in a way, it worked well from the start (frames 1-60) of the composition the began to deteriorate, because of odd increase in time. For example, from the first four seconds of the animation, it was timed perfectly, then the animation began to slow down and lose pace with the song. Later in the animation though it fixed it-self, between frames 90 and 120, and returned to the same pace as it did in the beginning.

Most of this composition was heavily influenced by Oscar Fischinger’s work, An Optical Poem. My main goal was to try and recreate the type of flow that he had with his animation. It can be seen on how the cubes rise and fall, and on how the explosions are rapid in movement. Also I based some of my work on Hans Richter’s, Rhythmus 21. It is small, but what I desired was his repetition in objects used. Richter does not have the same rhythm as Fischinger, but has and interesting fast paced repetition. Also, I was a fan of the simplicity in Richter’s simplicity in his work, so I went with a nice black and white theme. Mainly because it is nice and easy on me animating, and it is not hard on the eyes.

What I wish I could fix is the frames in the middle of the animation, because there seems to be no issue with the animation, but the timing is off and there seems to be something that I don’t understand and I can’t fix it otherwise. Except for slightly decreasing the time of the animation it-self and only during the few seconds it goes off beat. If there was any way I could fix that without using any program, it would be wonderful

Celtic Initals

Robert Mc Coy

This composition is based off the Book of Kells, but uses my initials RM in Celtic writings. For the multiple processes used in this composition was rhythm for the many similar shapes being depicted in the border. Also, similar to the Book of Kells there is a high contrast throughout the image as shown in the writings itself.

The process of making this piece was a tedious one by how much was needed to create the final piece. It all started with research on the Book of Kells, and how they make their writings merged with artworks. With that research, I began to establish a sketch with my initials similar to the Celtic writings.

untitled-1  (Initial Sketches)

Then after the Celtic sketches were complete I began to add small pieces of artwork to my initials using the golden ratio to aid me in designing my small images; behind my Celtic name giving it a sense of depth. Not only does the small drawings give depth, but they have many meanings about my ideals. For example, the swirl in the center of the composition represents, love for one’s family.

After the sketches were done I went to many people so they could critique my work and help me establish what I need to fix. Once the revisions were complete, I realized that the border for the name was interesting in a way, but it did not fit correctly. So then I made a new sketch of a basic border with some added details. (Revised Border Sketch)

After the completion of the border sketch, I went back to the same people for another critique. Once it was good enough I began to transfer both sketches together so it would become on composition. Then after the sketches were one, I began to ink the project so it would stand out more in the later processes.

thumbnail_20161010_134646( Inked Sketch )

Then after I inked the sketches together, I began to watercolor bits and pieces of the composition. This was done so that there would be some space left over for the other images that will give the composition texture.

illustrated-name( Water colored composition )

After the watercolor dried I immediately took a picture of the image and transferred it to Photoshop so it could be manipulated. Once in Photoshop I made sure to color in the image with high contrast colors, similar to the Book of Kells. Then I had to import images of flowers that I took outside, so it could give the image a sense of texture and unity.         celtic-name-final-copy ( Pre-Finalization)

After the final critique, I have come to the realization, that the contrast between the background and the actual image do not mix well. So what I have done is change the orientation of the image and lower the contrast of the background. Not only did I lower the contrast of the background, but I blurred the background image to give it a better sense of volume.

celtic-name-rework ( Final Composition )

Nicky – Roy Chicky Arad and Or Edry

This composition is an odd one, but their is a lot of principles used. For example what the artists used a lot was the use of repetition, what the artists does to show repetition is they repeat the same lyrics over and over again. Also rhythm was used in the artwork to match up the music and media used.

Personally I find this work hard on the eyes because there is so much going on and they made a poor use of the green or black screen. It is very evident that there is left over black from the screen that they used, and they start to get sloppy at the end.

Journal Entry

Michele Manzini is a work that uses dynamic lighting and motions that give off a ambiance of the unknown. Also with the motions of the dancers/people, is created by using sped up footage of the inital dancer. Overall I find this piece quite peculiar and creepy in a way, it could probably be from the ominous music.

Helvetica Documentary

The documentary Helvetica is about how well known the type face Helvetica is, and how frequently it is used. It is also about how it was created and what the font is meant for. For example, the font is used for complete legibility and uniform spacing, yet it is boring by how simple and robotic it looks.

What I lie about the documentary is when it demonstrates how typefaces were made back before the use of the computer. Also the documentary displays examples of how Helvetica is used in professional works. Lastly what I found interesting about the documentary, is that someone said that Helvetica was basically a default font. Usually because whenever I open up a program like, Microsoft Word, the default typeface is Calibri.