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Dada Photomontage Final

This composition is about our final piece of this group of projects, and we had a choice of movement. So I chose another Dada Photomontage, but time I went for a more ironic approach. This composition is about how medicinal … Continue reading

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Story Board Concept

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Mario Prisco Gallery Visit

Robert Mc Coy Professor Connie Foundations Wednesday, October 19, 2016 Mario Prisco Gallery Art galleries are meant to show off artworks of many people, famous or common, throughout the world.  One of these artist is known as Mario Prisco, his … Continue reading

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Dada Photomontage

  This composition is dealing with Data Photomontage; which is used to express political discontent. So I based my composition about how corrupt the government is and how money controls all forms of government. I made hands controlling them by … Continue reading

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Cubism Political Poster

This composition is based off the controversy of GamerGate and censorship of video games. What this poster is meant to symbolize on how people think censorship is needed in video games. The green and pink colors in the middleground are … Continue reading

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Abstract Animation

Robert Mc Coy Throughout this whole composition many challenges occurred, specifically, when trying to align the frames with the song, Hydrogen by M O O N. What I attempted at first was listen to the song and try to find … Continue reading

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Celtic Initals

Robert Mc Coy This composition is based off the Book of Kells, but uses my initials RM in Celtic writings. For the multiple processes used in this composition was rhythm for the many similar shapes being depicted in the border. … Continue reading

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