Abstract Animation

Robert Mc Coy

Throughout this whole composition many challenges occurred, specifically, when trying to align the frames with the song, Hydrogen by M O O N. What I attempted at first was listen to the song and try to find what images I can make with the music. Later though into the work, I found that that method was not working as I hoped it would. So later I tried a new form of measuring the time and frames. I would listen to one second of the song and pay attention to the beats it made within that second. After listing to that short second, I evened out the frames to fit well with the beats and song used for that one second. This method sort of worked in a way, it worked well from the start (frames 1-60) of the composition the began to deteriorate, because of odd increase in time. For example, from the first four seconds of the animation, it was timed perfectly, then the animation began to slow down and lose pace with the song. Later in the animation though it fixed it-self, between frames 90 and 120, and returned to the same pace as it did in the beginning.

Most of this composition was heavily influenced by Oscar Fischinger’s work, An Optical Poem. My main goal was to try and recreate the type of flow that he had with his animation. It can be seen on how the cubes rise and fall, and on how the explosions are rapid in movement. Also I based some of my work on Hans Richter’s, Rhythmus 21. It is small, but what I desired was his repetition in objects used. Richter does not have the same rhythm as Fischinger, but has and interesting fast paced repetition. Also, I was a fan of the simplicity in Richter’s simplicity in his work, so I went with a nice black and white theme. Mainly because it is nice and easy on me animating, and it is not hard on the eyes.

What I wish I could fix is the frames in the middle of the animation, because there seems to be no issue with the animation, but the timing is off and there seems to be something that I don’t understand and I can’t fix it otherwise. Except for slightly decreasing the time of the animation it-self and only during the few seconds it goes off beat. If there was any way I could fix that without using any program, it would be wonderful

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