Mario Prisco Gallery Visit

Robert Mc Coy

Professor Connie


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mario Prisco Gallery

Art galleries are meant to show off artworks of many people, famous or common, throughout the world.  One of these artist is known as Mario Prisco, his works is based off of many styles of art. He does this to show students that they need to try different art styles to find out what makes their art works theirs.

The history of Mario Prisco is a basic, yet interesting story of how his art work was shown in a gallery. He was known as an art educator and former dean of Alfred State, and his artwork was meant to educate kids. The work that is displayed spans from 1947 to 2014, and they were made when he was a kid to his later, more complex works. He hopes to influence students about learning different styles and forms of art.

One of many Mario Prisco’s artworks is about different kinds of abstract pieces, Imagined Landscape 1, 2015. Even though this composition is an imaginary landscape, there are many abstract objects inside the piece. Also this composition displays many types of space, color, and shapes to give the students a sense of what they learned in school. Not only does he show students the elements of design, he also shows the principles of design within the artwork. Mario uses repetition, balance, rhythm, and high contrast, to give the artwork a sense of space. While the color of the objects give the piece a sense of rhythm and contrast throughout the composition.

His next piece is known as Untitled 17, 2014. This composition is meant to show students how proportions of the human anatomy. Also it is establishing how space and color can create volume and balance within the painting. From this piece, what seems difficult for students to understand is that color can be used to show volume through shading. Also with the foreground of this piece can give someone as sense of volume because of how it is shaped and colored, giving the person a sense of direction the person is laying.

Mario Prisco may not be well known outside of Alfred and Hornell, but his teachings to students will be well known through many students and teachers. His paintings will aid students understand what art truly is, through his paintings and his artworks.

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