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In the center of the phenakistoscope there is a Yin Yang symbol that spins the entire project in to harmony. It is in the middle because it holds the power of the project. While going outward from the Yin Yang symbol my piece contains a series of manipulative hills, giving the project a psychedelic hypnotic feel. When spun at a high speed the black and white in the hills will blend, and it gives the piece a gray blur. Finally, at the outer rim displays a ball being shot up by a piston, this gives the project a perfect flow, and helps catch the eyes of most viewers because of its animation flow.


Making the phenakistoscope helped me learn a basic understanding of animation. It taught me how we must position the images. If the images are too far apart it would ruin the phenakistoscope, because the animation would be too fast and difficult to see


Glitch Project


This project is about the studying of modulating raw data to change an image. This composition is supposed to reference how we, as a society, are so attached and dependant on technology. That if the technology begins to glitch and breakdown, we to begin to breakdown and get frustrated. Also I got these images one day by how my computer literally glitches out on me and I began to panic, because what if all my work was deleted from this glitch. So the idea hit me on how, we are so dependent on technology throughout  our everyday life.



This composition was meant to aid us in the developement of a three dimensional drawing. The medium used was charcoal, the charcoal was able to give this composition a three dimentional look to it by how easy it is to manipulate the value of the charcoal. what I did that gave the chair a three dimensional look, was reducing the value of the charcoal in specific places on the chair. The issue of the chair is that even though I changed the value of the charcoal, the value was change too much so that the chair still looked two dimensional. Also another issue with the chair is that the form of the chair is off by a little, and the stripes on the chair are uneven and off centered.