What If Project



This composition was created by the question “What If?” So my question was what if a sounds were silenced, and within the composition I conveyed this message with modules. The three dimentional music sheets are meant to elsablish a sense of constriction within the piece. This feeling of pressure further develops the composition, giving the subtle look of sounds being silenced.




Patterns are repeated shapes and symbols. While the geometric structure of the pattern is meant to establish an inorganic feel, and the inorganic pologinal shapes help distinct the exotic colors that will be used.

Many of the colors that will be used are primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. These colors are meant to aid in the unity of the work, without the colors there would be no pattern. Not only are the colors going to unifiy the composition, but it also brings out certain parts of the piece.



The Silhouette is demonstrating cotrast by how the white and dark lines differentiate each other in the composition. I am usually serious and strict, so with this composition I went crazy and let loose. While using scale change I was able to use emoji face in replace of my face, and boots to give the the image a comical style. Also as an extra measure I added a seal over the word used and the seal has a high contrast that gives it volume.




This composition was created to establish rhythm and balance. It can easily be seen with the equal distribution of color. The marginal frame is meant to create a sense of an object instead of an image. Also it is there to contain the balance inside the image and not make it flow out of the composition.

Bezier Curve Project


This composition is meant to show how different layers are able to show three dimentional space using scale change. With Bezier curves, I was able to give the flowers curvature. The multiple forms of colors and texture gives it a sense of space and volume. Also the many contrasting colors gives it unity and reptition.

Perspective Project


I used one, two ,and three point perspectives to create this composition. The image depicts a person running from building to building, like from the video game Mirrors Edge. What I did to help show volume, was that I used many different colors for the different sides of the buildings. The high contrast was used in the foreground to help the movement through the image.

Collage Project


This composition was created using multiple objects from the pictures chosen, layered to create an abstract image. While using points, lines, and textures in Adobe Illustrator I found that if you create points, lines and planes you are able to get a sense of the abstraction of this composition. Moreover when using the textures with the planes you are able to get a feel for the depth of the objects, giving it a three dimensional space.

Brian Murphy Gallery Visit

Mc Coy 1

Robert Mc Coy

Professor Jason

Digital Foundations

10 December 2016

Brian Murphy Gallery Write Up

Brian Murphy is known as a media artist who works specifically on film, video, and books. His works deal with mixing digital media and reality, and how they connect with each other. The difference with this gallery show is that he was experimenting with frame by frame GIFs. Also at this gallery he showed off three of his big known pieces, which are about wrestling and how the fighters fight each other. Continue reading “Brian Murphy Gallery Visit”