Narrative Montage

The process of making a narrative montage was difficult, by the fact of keeping many forms of montage in the back of my mind. What I first did was come up with a concept that would display two types of montages.

Rhythmic montage is defined as, displaying a movement based on the various shot that you have taken. This form of montage is seen within the middle of the composition, during the dream sequence. This dream sequence was based off of two friends fighting, because of the others laziness. I was able to portray this dream sequence with a various amount of transitions throughout the sequence. Even though it is two people fighting with sticks, the montage is displayed within the implied movemnt of the two friends fighting.

The second form of montage used was metric montage, which is basically defined as using the images within a montage to express the passage of time within the narrative. This is displayed within the very beginning and the very end. From the beginning of the composition it displays the  time of day at 3:12 am, and at the end the time is 8:18 am. This is a small form of metric montage, but still has the clear indication that time has passed throughout the montage.

As a story though it is about how a student is up late at night attempting to get through his project. Until he accidentally mixes up medication for his coffee, which ultimately knocks him out causing a peculiar dream.


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