Journal Entry #1

What this article is about is a tattoo artist Mo Ganji creates tattoos with only a single line. What I find interesting about this tattoo artist’s work is that even the lines of the art is basic and intriguing. Also the line with the recipient’s pale skin tone give the tattoo a nice contrast.


Initials In Sign Language


This composition is about learning how to draw hands in different positions. So what I did was that I used sign language to sign  out my initials, which gives me different positions to draw my hand.

Also the hands are not poorly drawn because of my lack in skill, but by how common the letter is used in names. Therefor it can be known that the letter M is used in many names, it may not be very apparent in first names but within the last names of many. This is the reason why the hand for the letter M is so poorly drawn. While the letter K is rarely used in first and last names, which gives it the finely drawn details among the rest of the hands.