Journal Entry – Understanding Arnold Lighting

This is the first time a rendering software like Arnold was implemented into Maya and from past experiences, Arnold is interesting. In the beginning Arnold to me seemed confusing and complex, and it still is, but it comes easy after knowing a basic understanding of it. The first thing that needs to understood in Arnold is that lighting is needed to see the rendered image, unlike normal Maya. In the normal Maya rendering software it produces a basic lighting throughout the project. This video is what I used to give me a basic understanding of how the lighting in Arnold works and how to use it effectively.


Cannon Character Idea

Recently I have been watching a lot of slice of life cartoons and I have been a big fan of historical Gods and Goddesses. So I wondered if I mixed up the two and see what might come out of it. What character I came up with is making a story about how gods live and integrate into human society. The god that I chose was the god Uller, the god of hunting, from Norse mythos. He would be described as a slightly skinny guy who would look like he would stay home all day. He would usually wear his signature green hood, which he uses a wolf hide cloak and baggy sweats.

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Comic Book Analysis

I will be looking at the comic Boku no Hero Academia. This is the very first page from the most recent chapter, and from this single page, the comic uses many types of forms to help develop the comic. The artists use the gutters and negative tape to show that how important and how the boss acts towards the main protagonist. Also the artists use hatch marks and other symbols to help show emotion within the characters. Within the bosses face you see hatch marks to symbolize how filled with hatred he is, and how the lines on the main protagonist shows how fearful he is towards the antagonist. Even some of the texts and text bubbles give emotion within page. In the second pannel the bold text gives the reader a sense of how import it is, as well as the text bubble in the third panel, giving the character emotion in his voice. Also within the third panel their are some characters that some may not be able to make out what they exactly mean, but by how they are portrayed it seems like the boss is supposed to be frightening or looming above the main character.



This composition is a silhouette of me punching at the camera. This is a project meant for us to experiment with silhouettes, and I wanted to experiment with for-shorting.

Fleshed Out Model

body-1 body-2

This exercise is meant to show us how muscles and fat are distrubited throughout the body. Even though basics like this is not to bad, it was a little bit harder than usual by the fact the model was pregnant. So the distribution of weight is different than usual.

Skeleton Arm and Leg

feet-skeleton-inked hand-skeleton-inked

This composition is meant to aid us establish how hands and feet are constructed. Understanding this will aid us in how to draw hands and feet with a little less issues. Also not only will it give us the general overview of the hand and foot, but it will also give us the bone structure of the hand and foot. If we want to make a skeleton we do have the bone structure of the hand and foot.