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Journal Entry – Understanding Arnold Lighting

This is the first time a rendering software like Arnold was implemented into Maya and from past experiences, Arnold is interesting. In the beginning Arnold to me seemed confusing and complex, and it still is, but it comes easy after … Continue reading

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Cannon Character Idea

Recently I have been watching a lot of slice of life cartoons and I have been a big fan of historical Gods and Goddesses. So I wondered if I mixed up the two and see what might come out of … Continue reading

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Comic Book Analysis

I will be looking at the comic Boku no Hero Academia. This is the very first page from the most recent chapter, and from this single page, the comic uses many types of forms to help develop the comic. The … Continue reading

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Puppet Thing


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This composition is a silhouette of me punching at the camera. This is a project meant for us to experiment with silhouettes, and I wanted to experiment with for-shorting.

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Fleshed Out Model

This exercise is meant to show us how muscles and fat are distrubited throughout the body. Even though basics like this is not to bad, it was a little bit harder than usual by the fact the model was pregnant. … Continue reading

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Skeleton Arm and Leg

This composition is meant to aid us establish how hands and feet are constructed. Understanding this will aid us in how to draw hands and feet with a little less issues. Also not only will it give us the general … Continue reading

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