Journal Entry #2 Hair in Maya

After two and a half years working in Maya, from BOCES, I have learned many things like: how to make a basic human body, how special effects work, how to rig, how to animate, how to work the camera, and how to effectively work in a timely manner. What I did not learn is how to flesh out and refine my work, so I have done some research on what helps and aids in fleshing out a character. Then I came across a video on hair, and how it is created and how it works inside Maya and its new render engine, Arnold and Xgen. This video created by the Maya Learning Channel effectively explains why and how hair works, and how it can be implemented within my works.

After I buy a new mouse, since I lost my recent one, I will post a example within one of my works from the past. Hopefully within the next few days.

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One Response to Journal Entry #2 Hair in Maya

  1. Alphe says:

    Nice! I’m currently working on a VR game along with my friend, we’ll soon have to dabble in 3D modelling… I don’t think we’ll need to make such complex things as hair (and fortunately the game doesn’t feature humanoid characters) but I’m full of respect and admiration for all those who’ve mastered the art of 3D modelling in such details. 🙂


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