Who is Our Hero?

My hero is a man named Monty Oum, he was an animator for a small gaming/entertainment company known as RoosterTeeth. The company was designed by a couple of friends who love to play with friends in video games. The company started up small with a hand full of friends. After a few years of doing what they love they began to grow, and after awhile they wanted more notoriety.  So what they did was they were in need of an individual who was capable of animating some of the skits that they do for the company. That was when they came across Monty, he was an animator in who strictly went for three dimensional animation. Since he was also a fan of video games it was easy for him to answer there call.

Many years later after joining the company, Monty began to improve as a three dimensional animator. Which not only help him in his works, but allowed him to receive many awards from his works. Also it would be an honor to work and learn from Monty, if possible. The issue with that is on Feburary 1, 2015, Monty died from an allergic reaction. So if I can not learn form him, I will teach my-self and try to be as good as he was, or possibly better.

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