Puppet Thing



The structure of the marionette is made mostly with modular origami and the gaps of string allows it to have basic movement and smooth movement. This marionette was created to look similar to a golem of some kind, mainly rock, it is shown by how some rock golems are depicted with their heads inside their bodies. I made the marionette medium size so it can be easier to string it up and so it can have some decent movement. Also the vibrant color makes it easier to identify if shown with other puppets. The creative process was fun, I wanted to think of something easy to make yet complex in it’s own way. So I thought of the golem, but their came many complications with sewing the pieces together because almost every string tangled up with one another. My marionette has a lot of emptiness within it’s body structure so it can have nice movements, but has solid joints to help with the movement. Also I gave it a square shape, because I familiarize rock golems having square bodies and shapes. The cubes of origami were created only for the body, while the balloon shapes were made specifically for the joints. Also the ballon shapes were easier to thread because of the shape and how sturdy it is for the joints; it is not to sturdy where it is hard for movement, but not to thin that it gives no support. The modular design gave the marionette a wide range of color and depending on the origami shape support throughout the body. The design of the marionette could be described as, balance through the similar shapes of origami used, unity with many of the shapes coming together like a puzzle piece, and order by how the same colors are used for specific parts of the body.

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