Cannon Character Idea

Recently I have been watching a lot of slice of life cartoons and I have been a big fan of historical Gods and Goddesses. So I wondered if I mixed up the two and see what might come out of it. What character I came up with is making a story about how gods live and integrate into human society. The god that I chose was the god Uller, the god of hunting, from Norse mythos. He would be described as a slightly skinny guy who would look like he would stay home all day. He would usually wear his signature green hood, which he uses a wolf hide cloak and baggy sweats.

Uller would also have unshaven stubble and long hair, to give off that he is a god who cares not on how he looks. Even though he is a god, money is required to live in society nowadays so he takes up a job as a school gym teacher. This makes him well known within the younger crowd, because many of the students at the school he works for loves him because of his relaxed kind hearted nature. He is also seen from time to time playing with his stundents during class, so their is fairness between teams. From time to time though he gets to carried away and ruins the game. Uller would be depicted as hunched over so it shows how relaxed he is with most people, but any one that seems supecious to Uller he would shoot up into a battle ready pose and puff out his chest a little to look intimidating.

Update: I have read over my original idea, but recently I pitched my idea to a friend and came up with a whole story. Mainly because he stated that it has been done before and it is no so original. So I remade my story into some thing new and interesting in a way, and as of now it is in the phase of making sure everything is written correctly.

Updated Story

General Lore:


This world is set in the not so distant future, almost everything is the similar to present day, but time travel has become a new and natural occurrence. It is common to see historical figures like Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon, or Leonardo da Vinci, and many historians are asking many questions about their past.

Recently a new form of technology arose to cause not only historical figures to roam modern times, but now fantasy creatures called cryptids. So now that fantasy and history walks amongst your average day civilian, some of these historical figures remember tales told of these cryptids and will fight with any reason they can come up with to defend themselves.

So, we go to a local historian and Cryptozoologist in New York who runs a talk-show about historical figures and cryptids, and how they can overcome their past hatred towards each other. He would ask anyone or creature many questions with their past and how will they be integrated into society.

Randall K. Ross Back Story:

           Randall can be described as a small heavy set man who went for a major in history at Berkeley. He took history by the vast amount of fascination with old, now living, historical figures walking about. At age twelve is when these figures started to attempt to integrate with society. Many opposed the assimilation  of these figures, like his parents, he was taught to hate these people from supposedly coming back from the dead. This deep hatred that his parents had for these historical figures was not something he learned from them, instead he desired to learn from them.                       

After high school and going into Berkeley, where he met his first historical figure teaching about ancient Rome, Professor Caesar. Even though the Professor was a historical figure, he seemed to not only teach well, but understand how society worked. Randall was stoked to see a historical figure, but had no idea how many roamed the halls. One was a Norwegian Viking raider who aided in the Raid of Lindisfarne, he was the physical education teacher. Another is Socrates as the philosophy teacher, even though he is a highly-valued philosopher he did not fit well in society. He was seen as crazy old man with a weird obsession with his student Plato. All in all, though it seemed that this school was the go to place to learn about the historical figures, since some teach there. After a couple years going to Berkeley he meets his future wife, but an odd one. Apparently during one of the processes of obtaining one famous figure, Joan of Arc, they were not able to get her in time of the trial. So, scientist and historians had to settle with the next best thing, the Joan of Arc before the revolt. After being brought to the future, Joan had no issues with integrating into society, but she had issues with the government because of her past.

           After many years, later Randall was offered a gig in New York and his job is working as a radio podcast host. He would ask historical figures and cryptids to be on his show and ask them questions about their past, present, and future. So now we watch him have fun and screw up with some very well known people from history and creatures from the mysterious past.


Rough Draft:

Final Draft:

Write Up:

The process of making this character was a difficult one, not only making up a story, but the character design itself was problematic. The original story that I used was of my own ideas, but the issue was that it was not as original as I had hoped. So what I did after my mistake on the story of the character I asked one of my classmates on something crazy original. Then he pitched some ideas that helped me come to what character I wanted to make and how I can go about making the story.

Next problem was how should this character be designed, I started off with a small dwarf like person with a massive upper body and a smaller lower body in comparison. Then I wanted to make this man have a beard in some way, or have his face mostly made of facial hair so it would be easier to draw a face. Furthermore, I wanted his facial hair to be easily drawn out and so his facial hair can be used to help in giving him his personality.  After that I sketched out some clothing designs that I could use to make up his personality. Finally, I needed to figure out how much line weight I should give my character. At the time of finding out this question I was watching my favorite show with my friends, and one of the characters from this show had some bizarre and various line weights. So, what I decided was to recreate this crazy variation in line weights for fun.

Overall this composition was to help us understand and how the creation process works. Also on how to go about this process in different ways, like I did not need to start with deciding the line weights first. I could of went to color my character first, then change my line weights.


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