Creation Story Comic

This composition is depicting the battle between Odin and Ymir from the Norse creation myth. I created this comic based on what little remains of the Norse art pieces and color pallet they were able to obtain. One of the main pieces that I studied was a painted piece showing Norse Vikings landing on Normandy. The art work had simplistic drawings and flat based colors with little to no detail. Since I had no interest in making similar drawings to the Vikings I focused on their flat color palette. Also I studied from McCloud’s Understanding Comics. Depending on how big the gutters are helps show how much of a transition between panels. I tried to depict speed lines in the fourth panel to show how fast the action is compared to the other panels. Finally I used small symbols to show emotion, within the second panel I used a common symbol in comics to help show how angry Ymir is.

This project helps us understand how basic comics works in understanding what gutters, icons, color choice, and placement is. Also this project needed us to study the creation myth that we wanted, and choose specifically what part we should draw. Finally this helps me improve my poor drawing skills, and help identify how basic comics work.

“Scott McCloud – Understanding Comics.pdf.” Google Drive. Google, n.d. Web. 26 Apr. 2017.

Images Used:

Image result for Ancient Viking Art

Styles, Ruth. “Not Just Good at Sword Fighting! Stunning New Book of Viking Art Reveals Battling Scandinavians Had a Sensitive Side.” Daily Mail Online. Associated Newspapers, 14 Nov. 2013. Web. 26 Apr. 2017.

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