Self Portrait Whit

Self Portrait Black

Self Portrait Final


My intent for this project was to experiment with multiple types of mediums that I have never used before. I used different paper to create my self-portrait and in doing so I made my self-portrait like Picasso’s abstract art in some ways. The reason for my blue skin tone was because of how sad I was during this project and how everything went wrong before I even got half way done. The wireframe of my face was to show my intense love for the program Maya. So, I made the wireframe green to get the same flat color Maya has for its wireframe. Also, I did not want a white background because it seemed too bland and I did not want to draw away attention to my portrait. Also, I wanted to mess with splatter art, so I decided to make my background splatter art. I found messing with that form of art is fun and interesting, at one point I covered a hammer with paint and beat my portrait with the paint colored hammer.


This is relevant to Digital Media and Animation by how old art styles work and how they could be implemented in different ways. For example, using acrylic for the first time was not fun, because of believing that it was like water color in a way. So, at one point I added a lot of water and a white tint ran down my face almost destroying the composition.

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