Pop Media Research

Japanese Media


So, for my research I chose three manga to use to help describe the metropolitan area in Tokyo. The three manga that I chose are One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, Tiger & Bunny, and Pop Team Epic; within these manga they all show off in some way the metropolitan area in Tokyo, but they all depict it in their own way/form. For example, in My Hero Academia by Horikoshi Kouhei he uses the background as a tool to help give the cast more character. In My Hero Academia’s first chapter one of characters Mt.Lady’s quirk is to grow in size, but since she is a hero she has to be warry of her surroundings.

Another Work of manga, done by Murata Yuusuke, One Punch Man is based in a Tokyo style metropolitan area, but how Murata uses a Tokyo style is to make it simple and effective based on the character’s art style. It also seems that he likes to use some form of paint from time to time, probably because he hates drawing leaves on trees and blades of grass.

Tiger & Bunny by Sakakibara Mizuki uses a metropolitan area in his manga, but how he uses it is quite odd. He seems to do little of the background, up until it is necessary or desired. Then the background uses high amounts of detail that seems almost unnecessary, but it does help give the manga a nice look to it and personally I believe that he uses the background to distract the reader from looking directly at the characters. Most of the characters have some appeal, but they all seem somewhat the same to me by silhouettes. So, it seems like that he is trying to make up for the characters at times with the background.

Finally, Pop Team Epic by Ookawa bkub, he/she makes 4koma’s which are a four panel comicstrip based on small comedy skits. It is weird how Ookawa shows his backgrounds by not showing them through the background, but through props that the characters use and he/she makes title cards/ pre scenes. Basically what Ookawa does is that he/she makes a title card either completely dealing with the story to help build the scene or it has absolutely nothing to do with the scene because Ookawa was bored I assume.


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