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Java Game Idea: Call of the Berserker

The point of the game is to click a button as fast as you can. Counting down from 100-0 and as you are clicking the number increases. Also depending on how close you are from 0 the number counts up faster to try and deter you from reaching zero.

For design I am going for a viking battle, your goal is to beat the berserker. The button that is supposed to be pushed would be a stereotypical viking helmet, and the closer you are to zero the more nicks and blood splatters will be on the helmet.


Unity Seminar Writeup

On February 28th I went to the Unity Seminar at 7pm, in SET room 440. It was a seminar that taught the basics of Unity and how to understand the interface. Not only that, but they also went over a small bit of C# and how it is used and implemented within Unity. Unity is a game development software, which allows people to make and design their own video games.

The person presenting was Stephon Barrett who is a part of the Computer Science major. They learn how to code for basic programs and web pages, and Stephon learned how to use Unity. So, Stephon taught everyone who was there the interface of Unity and the basics of the software. Also, if there was any problem that we had Stephon would answer our question, or we would have to ask the helpers what was wrong with the program.

A few of the things that we learned specifically is how to create materials, scripts, and prefabs. Since I previously knew Unity from Game Jam, and from friends I had no interest in the materials and the prefabs. On the other hand, recently, I have taking a huge liking to coding languages again and I have never known how to program in C#. Even though I already knew C and C++, I never really had an interest in C+ and C# since they are similar and easier to the other languages that I know. Now I am learning from a friend and he is going to teach me how to use Unity more so than I do now and a lot of C#.

This was useful to the program that I am in for the fact that coding is super important for web design, because if there was no code, there would be no websites to design. Even from the startup menu from Unity can provide a valuable resource to the design of a startup page for a website and how it can affect the user. Finally it can help up organize our coding and everything, because if you don’t organize our prefabs, materials, and scripts you will not have a fun time trying to figure out what you need to fix.

Travel Agency Website

This website is one of our first websites that was given to us with a demographic, and what I was given was a travel center within the 25-35 age range. So what I tried to go for is a family who just had children. Then with a specific demographic I started to look at theme park websites, and almost all of them were geometric and square in design. Then the colors I chose were meant to symbolize a warm climate and distract the kids if they were there.

Since I am unable to post the HTML site at the moment we will have to wait till my web hosting site fixes it-self.

Personally I feel like I did not do as well with this one and I will be definitely coming back to this while over break. Also since I went to a CSS seminar I have a better confidence than before on doing this.

Updated/new website:


For this version of the website I tried going the opposite route for ages of 25-35, and I tried to make the website more appealing to the adults rather than including their children. So it looks more like a website design for a place similar to Vegas.