Production Idea

Production Idea

The main idea that our group is coming up with is a video with high special effects, and with the concept of suspension of disbelief. We plan on going for a special effect heavy video. The main overall idea is that we are going to have a nerf gun war until someone show up with his fingers in the air in the shape of a gun. Then an all-out war starts with finger guns, which everyone’s gun will shoot lasers, until there is one person standing. While he stands all victorious, a teacher walks into the door (Hopefully Connie) and gets shot. The victor will lean over to he and ask, “Did I fail?” Then the screen will fade out. We hope to get intense dynamic shots within the video, we will need Cole’s help. If we need reference look at Corridor Digital, they have similar aesthetics.


Comic Book Analysis

I will be looking at the comic Boku no Hero Academia. This is the very first page from the most recent chapter, and from this single page, the comic uses many types of forms to help develop the comic. The artists use the gutters and negative tape to show that how important and how the boss acts towards the main protagonist. Also the artists use hatch marks and other symbols to help show emotion within the characters. Within the bosses face you see hatch marks to symbolize how filled with hatred he is, and how the lines on the main protagonist shows how fearful he is towards the antagonist. Even some of the texts and text bubbles give emotion within page. In the second pannel the bold text gives the reader a sense of how import it is, as well as the text bubble in the third panel, giving the character emotion in his voice. Also within the third panel their are some characters that some may not be able to make out what they exactly mean, but by how they are portrayed it seems like the boss is supposed to be frightening or looming above the main character.



This composition is a silhouette of me punching at the camera. This is a project meant for us to experiment with silhouettes, and I wanted to experiment with for-shorting.

Fleshed Out Model

body-1 body-2

This exercise is meant to show us how muscles and fat are distrubited throughout the body. Even though basics like this is not to bad, it was a little bit harder than usual by the fact the model was pregnant. So the distribution of weight is different than usual.

Skeleton Arm and Leg

feet-skeleton-inked hand-skeleton-inked

This composition is meant to aid us establish how hands and feet are constructed. Understanding this will aid us in how to draw hands and feet with a little less issues. Also not only will it give us the general overview of the hand and foot, but it will also give us the bone structure of the hand and foot. If we want to make a skeleton we do have the bone structure of the hand and foot.

Journal Entry #2 Hair in Maya

After two and a half years working in Maya, from BOCES, I have learned many things like: how to make a basic human body, how special effects work, how to rig, how to animate, how to work the camera, and how to effectively work in a timely manner. What I did not learn is how to flesh out and refine my work, so I have done some research on what helps and aids in fleshing out a character. Then I came across a video on hair, and how it is created and how it works inside Maya and its new render engine, Arnold and Xgen. This video created by the Maya Learning Channel effectively explains why and how hair works, and how it can be implemented within my works.

After I buy a new mouse, since I lost my recent one, I will post a example within one of my works from the past. Hopefully within the next few days.