Unity Seminar Writeup

On February 28th I went to the Unity Seminar at 7pm, in SET room 440. It was a seminar that taught the basics of Unity and how to understand the interface. Not only that, but they also went over a small bit of C# and how it is used and implemented within Unity. Unity is a game development software, which allows people to make and design their own video games.

The person presenting was Stephon Barrett who is a part of the Computer Science major. They learn how to code for basic programs and web pages, and Stephon learned how to use Unity. So, Stephon taught everyone who was there the interface of Unity and the basics of the software. Also, if there was any problem that we had Stephon would answer our question, or we would have to ask the helpers what was wrong with the program.

A few of the things that we learned specifically is how to create materials, scripts, and prefabs. Since I previously knew Unity from Game Jam, and from friends I had no interest in the materials and the prefabs. On the other hand, recently, I have taking a huge liking to coding languages again and I have never known how to program in C#. Even though I already knew C and C++, I never really had an interest in C+ and C# since they are similar and easier to the other languages that I know. Now I am learning from a friend and he is going to teach me how to use Unity more so than I do now and a lot of C#.

This was useful to the program that I am in for the fact that coding is super important for web design, because if there was no code, there would be no websites to design. Even from the startup menu from Unity can provide a valuable resource to the design of a startup page for a website and how it can affect the user. Finally it can help up organize our coding and everything, because if you don’t organize our prefabs, materials, and scripts you will not have a fun time trying to figure out what you need to fix.


Pop Media Research

Japanese Media


So, for my research I chose three manga to use to help describe the metropolitan area in Tokyo. The three manga that I chose are One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, Tiger & Bunny, and Pop Team Epic; within these manga they all show off in some way the metropolitan area in Tokyo, but they all depict it in their own way/form. Continue reading “Pop Media Research”

Shodo Calligraphy

Shodo (Calligraphy)

The history of Japanese calligraphy dates to around the twenty eighth century B.C. Where it’s origin derives from the Chinese where they would write characters on bones. From that point on Shodo becomes widely used though out Japan’s History.

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Even though that these three historic pieces are from completely different time periods. They all have some things in common, like Medicine Buddha and Gakki-Ron use many Kanji characters. These works almost use the same exact process in making these, like the medium used and the symbolism used within the characters. What they would do is use a rectangle piece of paper held down by a paper weight. Then they would use a specific brush called fude which is made of goat fur which then they patiently start drawing their characters in stroke order with the ink they grinded down. There are different types of calligraphy, like the United States, such as script, semi-script, block, and the various forms of characters.

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Nicky – Roy Chicky Arad and Or Edry

This composition is an odd one, but their is a lot of principles used. For example what the artists used a lot was the use of repetition, what the artists does to show repetition is they repeat the same lyrics over and over again. Also rhythm was used in the artwork to match up the music and media used.

Personally I find this work hard on the eyes because there is so much going on and they made a poor use of the green or black screen. It is very evident that there is left over black from the screen that they used, and they start to get sloppy at the end.

Objectified Response

 Objectified is about how everyday objects are not just created, but designed in that specific way. It shows how designers look at everyday objects and how about they could improve that everyday object. As shown when they were talking to the Apple Designer Jonathan Ive, he talks about how many designs they went through to get where they are today with the new MacBook Air and Desktops.

What I find interesting about this documentary is that it make you question on why and how everyday objects are made. I would never know exactly why an object was made like it was today. As depicted with the company that makes handles, is that yes they look at people with issues with their products, but they do not care about a specific person; they care about a generalized group. They would look at the majority group with issues, then when the object is made they will find a middle ground.


Link to Objectified: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXSS6IyDQpU

Fantasy Landscape


This composition was created using photoshop, the main point of this piece is to demonstrate the meaning of galvanize. Which is a synonym for inspire, so what I created was a commander inspiring his troops for battle.