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Unity Seminar Writeup

On February 28th I went to the Unity Seminar at 7pm, in SET room 440. It was a seminar that taught the basics of Unity and how to understand the interface. Not only that, but they also went over a … Continue reading

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Pop Media Research

Japanese Media (Manga) So, for my research I chose three manga to use to help describe the metropolitan area in Tokyo. The three manga that I chose are One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, Tiger & Bunny, and Pop Team … Continue reading

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Shodo Calligraphy

Shodo (Calligraphy) The history of Japanese calligraphy dates to around the twenty eighth century B.C. Where it’s origin derives from the Chinese where they would write characters on bones. From that point on Shodo becomes widely used though out Japan’s … Continue reading

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Nicky – Roy Chicky Arad and Or Edry

This composition is an odd one, but their is a lot of principles used. For example what the artists used a lot was the use of repetition, what the artists does to show repetition is they repeat the same lyrics … Continue reading

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Objectified Response

 Objectified is about how everyday objects are not just created, but designed in that specific way. It shows how designers look at everyday objects and how about they could improve that everyday object. As shown when they were talking to the … Continue reading

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Fantasy Landscape

This composition was created using photoshop, the main point of this piece is to demonstrate the meaning of galvanize. Which is a synonym for inspire, so what I created was a commander inspiring his troops for battle.

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