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Java Game Idea: Call of the Berserker

The point of the game is to click a button as fast as you can. Counting down from 100-0 and as you are clicking the number increases. Also depending on how close you are from 0 the number counts up faster to try and deter you from reaching zero.

For design I am going for a viking battle, your goal is to beat the berserker. The button that is supposed to be pushed would be a stereotypical viking helmet, and the closer you are to zero the more nicks and blood splatters will be on the helmet.


Production Idea

Production Idea

The main idea that our group is coming up with is a video with high special effects, and with the concept of suspension of disbelief. We plan on going for a special effect heavy video. The main overall idea is that we are going to have a nerf gun war until someone show up with his fingers in the air in the shape of a gun. Then an all-out war starts with finger guns, which everyone’s gun will shoot lasers, until there is one person standing. While he stands all victorious, a teacher walks into the door (Hopefully Connie) and gets shot. The victor will lean over to he and ask, “Did I fail?” Then the screen will fade out. We hope to get intense dynamic shots within the video, we will need Cole’s help. If we need reference look at Corridor Digital, they have similar aesthetics.

Production Documentary

So which much thinking and crying, what I came up with for a documentary idea is the day in the life of a DMA student and why they chose Alfred State. It goes on and shows what is the normal process of being in an art major. From coming up with the process of creating characters, drawing characters, and learning how to improve their art skills.