Skeleton Arm and Leg

feet-skeleton-inked hand-skeleton-inked

This composition is meant to aid us establish how hands and feet are constructed. Understanding this will aid us in how to draw hands and feet with a little less issues. Also not only will it give us the general overview of the hand and foot, but it will also give us the bone structure of the hand and foot. If we want to make a skeleton we do have the bone structure of the hand and foot.


Celtic Initals

Robert Mc Coy

This composition is based off the Book of Kells, but uses my initials RM in Celtic writings. For the multiple processes used in this composition was rhythm for the many similar shapes being depicted in the border. Also, similar to the Book of Kells there is a high contrast throughout the image as shown in the writings itself.

The process of making this piece was a tedious one by how much was needed to create the final piece. It all started with research on the Book of Kells, and how they make their writings merged with artworks. With that research, I began to establish a sketch with my initials similar to the Celtic writings.

untitled-1  (Initial Sketches)

Then after the Celtic sketches were complete I began to add small pieces of artwork to my initials using the golden ratio to aid me in designing my small images; behind my Celtic name giving it a sense of depth. Not only does the small drawings give depth, but they have many meanings about my ideals. For example, the swirl in the center of the composition represents, love for one’s family.

After the sketches were done I went to many people so they could critique my work and help me establish what I need to fix. Once the revisions were complete, I realized that the border for the name was interesting in a way, but it did not fit correctly. So then I made a new sketch of a basic border with some added details. (Revised Border Sketch)

After the completion of the border sketch, I went back to the same people for another critique. Once it was good enough I began to transfer both sketches together so it would become on composition. Then after the sketches were one, I began to ink the project so it would stand out more in the later processes.

thumbnail_20161010_134646( Inked Sketch )

Then after I inked the sketches together, I began to watercolor bits and pieces of the composition. This was done so that there would be some space left over for the other images that will give the composition texture.

illustrated-name( Water colored composition )

After the watercolor dried I immediately took a picture of the image and transferred it to Photoshop so it could be manipulated. Once in Photoshop I made sure to color in the image with high contrast colors, similar to the Book of Kells. Then I had to import images of flowers that I took outside, so it could give the image a sense of texture and unity.         celtic-name-final-copy ( Pre-Finalization)

After the final critique, I have come to the realization, that the contrast between the background and the actual image do not mix well. So what I have done is change the orientation of the image and lower the contrast of the background. Not only did I lower the contrast of the background, but I blurred the background image to give it a better sense of volume.

celtic-name-rework ( Final Composition )