3D Modeled Juice

Final Fix.png

This project is about modeling a made up all natural juice ad. So what I did was I modeled a 3D can and fruit for this ad and I did not come across any main problems while in this stage. Once I finished the render I came across many issues within the post process stage. Immediately when coming into photoshop I quickly realized that I had no direction for this ad. After I realized that I made the can’s label red and green, which is similar to Christmas colors and I ran with it.


After reviewing the finished ad I have come to realize that yes the Christmas theme was a good idea based on the can’s label and the time of year. Unfortunately though everything else seemed to have little to no thought put into the ad. Also the lettering seems very jarring to the point that is painful to look at. Possibly if I went for a different color of font it would be less jarring.


Self Critique

Though-out my two semesters doing 3d animation I have begun to see that I have improved in my ability to rig and paint weights. Even though this a skill that not many people enjoy it is arguably on of the most important skills needed in maya. Right next to animating it-self, my animations how ever has been getting worse and worse. Most of my works have little to no overlapping and followthrough. This is very displeasing to see in my works, because I love working in Maya. To combat this issue I am having I am doing a personal animation over the summer to re-learn and re-evaluate where I succeeded and failed in these last two semesters. I hope all goes well and I re-learn the proper way how to animate in Maya.

Website 2



Other Artist:

Here are my three 3D art works, showing off my 3d modeling and semi texturing. My favorite one out of these three is my cafe because the modeling was fun and a learning experience with lighting. This is an artist that I found recently I that really enjoy and inspire to be able to 3D model, texture, lighting, and pose at his skill level. He goes by the name Seungmin Kim, unfortunately on his Artstation site, he has really good works but very few. So for my design I am going to try and do a 3D styled element and since we both like modeling metals/inorganic models. Either it be armor or an actual location I will try and give my website depth and give it an inorganic texture of some kind. I hope to reach his skill level some day, it will take a lot of time to learn the programs that he uses, but it would be worth it.



Updated Website:




So let’s get straight to the point, what I need to improve, first things first I need to understand and develop my timing better. This is also the same reason why in some of my work skips when moving. The next thing that needs improvement understanding when to use squash and stretch, because in the bouncing ball animation whenever the ball reached it’s overall peek in in’t arc it would start to stretch when it was too early to. Now the only struggle I had was time management, having seven classes makes it hard to manage time with all the projects and essays due. It is not that fun. What I would like to improve upon is overlapping and follow through, the last project is where I started to use overlapping and follow through, which was not the best idea but time constraints. I would personally like to learn and improve on my special effects in maya which would help me in my studies in Mash and particle effects. Finally, where did I grow, my animation is more fluid than my other animations, my arcing improved, improved my special effects drastically instead of the base standards, and my overlapping and follow through even though that I used little to none of it.

Peer Critique Review

In this piece made by Austin Clay his Norman model has a great amount of ease in and ease out, in the legs and arms. Also, there is a good amount of anticipation with a mixture of follow through in the legs. Even though that there seems to be not any major issues with the looping animation, it does not do what the title suggest, loop. Which would be a major problem because it makes all the minor issues pop out more than they usually would if it was looped. Also because of the animation not looping, it makes it apparent that Norman’s foot does not really move like a person would and it causes his foot to skip a frame. Overall I give Austin’s looping animation a seven out of ten, “It was ok” review.