3D Modeled Juice

Final Fix.png

This project is about modeling a made up all natural juice ad. So what I did was I modeled a 3D can and fruit for this ad and I did not come across any main problems while in this stage. Once I finished the render I came across many issues within the post process stage. Immediately when coming into photoshop I quickly realized that I had no direction for this ad. After I realized that I made the can’s label red and green, which is similar to Christmas colors and I ran with it.


After reviewing the finished ad I have come to realize that yes the Christmas theme was a good idea based on the can’s label and the time of year. Unfortunately though everything else seemed to have little to no thought put into the ad. Also the lettering seems very jarring to the point that is painful to look at. Possibly if I went for a different color of font it would be less jarring.


3D Composite


Website 2



Other Artist:

Here are my three 3D art works, showing off my 3d modeling and semi texturing. My favorite one out of these three is my cafe because the modeling was fun and a learning experience with lighting. This is an artist that I found recently I that really enjoy and inspire to be able to 3D model, texture, lighting, and pose at his skill level. He goes by the name Seungmin Kim, unfortunately on his Artstation site, he has really good works but very few. So for my design I am going to try and do a 3D styled element and since we both like modeling metals/inorganic models. Either it be armor or an actual location I will try and give my website depth and give it an inorganic texture of some kind. I hope to reach his skill level some day, it will take a lot of time to learn the programs that he uses, but it would be worth it.



Updated Website:




Prototype 1: https://xd.adobe.com/view/6efcefde-f51f-4497-934d-4190a13aa8c9

The first prototype was a failed experiment mainly because I was sick and had a day to finish it. So it was more of a test to see what I could do with the program.

Prototype 2: https://xd.adobe.com/view/79226340-f32b-4d07-b6c1-76fa4ba4c0f2/

The second prototype is about professional Dota 2 teams and the teams stats, with a team player. It is like a personalized database for professional teams in Dota.


HTML Site: https://robertmccoy55.000webhostapp.com/websitemass/dotanew.html



This composition was created to attempt to figure out how the human skeleton fits inside a body from a different perspective. How I made the skeleton is that I took a model skeleton and manipulated it to match a similar pose that I was reproducing. Also this composition was not only about how a skeleton looks and behaves within a body, but I tried to attempt to use linear perspective to help pop out the skeleton and body. This applies to DGMA on how the skeleton can dictate how the human body moves, with restrictions depending on how it is moved. This can be used in video games for example, similar to x-ray moves in Mortal Kombat, it can display how bones the bones break.

Forero, Christian. “Arte Prehist√≥rico.” Pinterest. N.p., 27 Feb. 2016. Web. 05 Apr. 2017.

Reflection Sketch

This is a small sketch of my own reflection in a window, what was needed to show that it was a windowed reflection was shading and line weights. To show what is on the outside of the window has heavier line weights, while everything in the reflection has lighter line weights. Also in the background there was portraits of famous artworks in the hallway, but I wanted to replace them with what I was thinking about.